Graphic Design Courses in Dhaka is offered by Bd Design Zone. This professional Graphic Design training will make you ready for any kind of Graphic Design job in dhaka or work as freelacer.

The course has been designed by Graphic Designer who is during this industry for beginner and who want to designed completely different quite websites and other graphics.

If you’re a creative mind people and wish to create your career as graphic designer, then you’re at right place and this course is for you.

There is an excellent career opportunities after doing this graphic design course. There area unit a range of jobs, freelancing work that are available for you once you complete this course.

Bd Design Zone ( BDZ ) is one of the best graphic design course in dhaka , badda link road near Gulshan. Learn Corel Draw X8, Adobe Photoshop CC 18, Adobe Illustrator CC 18,.

We have prepared this course keeping in mind of latest trend in graphic design market. Graphic Design course fee is very moderate. Students can pay it in monthly installments.


Duration: 2.5 months ( 1.5 hours a day, 2 days a week)

Course Fee.....

BDT 14,000/-

Ta-115 ( 5th floor ), Gulshan-Badda Link Road, Middle Badda, Dhaka 1212

inquiry :
01709 277 034
01955 060 513

Getting Started in Adobe Photoshop.....

Course Content

  • Introduction with Adobe Software & Graphic Design
  • Install adobe software
  • What is Photoshop
  • Introduce and Finding Resources for using Photoshop
  • Panels and workspace
  • Creating a new Document & Saving work
  • Panels and workspace
  • Screen modes, File types, begin using of Tools
  • Brush Tool, Healing tool,Crop Tool, Stamp/clone Tool, Pen tool
    • Paint bucket tool
    • Gradient tool
    • Sharpen tool
    • Smudge tool
    • Burn,Dodge and Sponge tool
    • Mask tool
    • text tool
    • Shape tool
  • Photoshop Effects
  • Gradient effect
  • Working with Stroke
  • Brush Settings
  • Creating New Brush & Download Brush
  • shadow,Filter,blur effect
  • Pen Tool
  • Path mode
  • Shape Mode
  • Path Selection Tool
  • Direct Selection Tool
  • Type Tool
  • Character Panel
  • Image Adjustment
  • Eraser Tool
  • Layer Lock
  • Layer Merge,Layer Mode
  • Group & Ungroup
  • Opacity & Fill
  • Masking,Clipping Mask
  • Blend Option
  • Layer Adjustment
  • Smart Object
  • Align and Distribution
  • Action
  • Edit Menu
  • Select Menu
  • Image Menu
  • Filter Menu
  • Typographic Design
  • Warping point type
  • Download fonts and install
  • Appling effects on text


  • Business Card Design
  • Web Graphic design,PSD Template design for website
  • Design a Facebook cover page
  • Business Card Design
  • Banner design for website
Getting Started in Adobe Illustrator.....

Course Content

  • What is Illustrator
  • Getting started with illustrator.
  • Drawing basic shapes.
  • Drawing with pen tool.
  • Compare to Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Introducing Vector Image
  • Create New document, Undo, Redo, Guide, Grid, Saving document
  • Using the symbol tool.Color Palette
  • Black VS Rich Black
  • Working with swatches
  • Gradient
  • Object Transform
  • Duplicate object
  • Moving object by Keyboard
  • Photo-realism with Gradient Mesh
  • Transforming & Moving objects
  • Drawing with the Pen Tool
  • Open Path & close Path
  • Join Command
  • Converting anchor point
  • Eraser, Scissors & knife tools
  • Wrap, Pucker and bloat tools
  • Creative brief Concept
  • Multiple Stroke
  • Graphic Style
  • Symbol Libraries
  • Symbol Sprayer tool
  • Color communication
  • Standard – strategy maintenance theory
  • Creative meaning find-out theory
  • Press ads Concept
  • Different between Logo & Mnemonics
  • Flyer Concept
  • Banner Concept
  • Copyright Concept
  • Press ads Concept
    • Working real life project & Revision Photoshop , Illustrator
Our Freelancing and Outsourcing.....

  • Introduction to Outsourcing & Freelancing website
  • Freelancing Market Places
  • Creating perfect Freelancer Profile
  • Category Selection based on skills
  • Successful Bidding Techniques
  • Complete Hiring process
  • Handle project professionally
  • Achieve Client Satisfaction
  • The Payment Method system